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I Try My Best

by Snap Infraction

I try my best at keeping up with you But you always have so much to say Whenever I try you could never provide me with the time of day I try my best but don't know what to do 'Cause you always seem to get in my way You're never impressed by the way I confess to the mistakes I made You should know that I don't have a car So hop a ride on my handlebars We can cruise 'round the neighborhood Tell your friends that we're up to no good It's not like me to be part of your scene Although I wish I could (ooh yeah) Climb inside my new rental car It's not mine so we can't go far We can cruise 'round the parking lot Crack the windows if it gets too hot I'll drive you back home through the tow-away zone 'Cause that's just what you want I'll try my best to make it up to you But I never find the right words to say Whatever you find I'll be there to remind you that we'll never change
Has anybody checked on Hector? He's a reclusive stamp collector I saw him just the other day But he turned and walked away He's all alone in that apartment Things started to fall apart just when His mind was led astray Now he's stuck in this charade He's gotten really good at passing time (What does he do to pass the time?) Re-reading letters from a life that's passed him by (life that's passed him by) Has anybody heard from Sarah? The last I knew her whereabouts were off in parts unknown She prefers to dream alone She left of her own volition Put her key in the ignition of her beat-up Chevrolet Then she made her getaway She thinks that murder is just killing time (She kills another glass of wine) Lights up a smoke and claims there's something in her eye (something in her eye) (Says her last goodbye) Has anybody checked on Hector? He should've bought that smoke detector Before his life when up in flames Things will never be the same


released February 5, 2021

Performed, recorded and mixed by Snap Infraction.

Songs written by Steve Karsch.

Mastered by Tom Volpicelli at The Mastering House.


all rights reserved



Snap Infraction Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Snap Infraction is Steve Karsch and Tony Iannuzzi and they share a brain and they don’t like writing about themselves in the third-person. They like guitars n drums n amps n rock n roll. Every two to three years or so, they release some new music. They’re kind of like cicadas in that way, but not like the cicadas who drop from the trees and get stuck in your hair. That's gross. ... more

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